Socio-economic Baseline Study for North Bahariya Field Development Area

  • The North Bahariya Petroleum Company (Norpetco) crude oil production assets are located in the North Bahariya fields, between El Fayoum and the Qattara Depression, in the Western Desert of Egypt.
  • Norpetco was in the process of developing new wellpads and oil pipelines, and connecting new and existing wellpads to the Central Processing Facility (CPF). The main components of North Bahariya Field Development Project consisted of: three concessions, the storage facility at Qarun Receiving Area (QRA), and the proposed new pipeline route.
  • Environics was commissioned by Environmental Resources Management (ERM) to prepare 3 baseline studies for North Bahariya Field Development area: physical, biological and socio-economic.
  • The Socio-economic baseline study entailed a desk study based on literature review and field-based activities. Data on the wider area were mainly based on the latest available information extracted from the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS). Data and information on Matrouh Governorate were obtained from the Environmental Affairs Department, Matrouh Governorate and interviews with local officials. Data on the project area were obtained through interviews and phone call with Norpetco staff.
  • The Socio-economic study included: description of the wider area (regional Context, population demography, education, employment, infrastructure, healthcare and economic activities), as well as description of the project area (land use, labour force, healthcare, infrastructure). In addition, conclusion and recommendations were provided.

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