Community Mapping and Consultation for BG Seismic Acquisition, Damietta

  • BG Egypt was conducting seismic acquisition and shooting in its fields offshore al-Burg and al-Manzala, north of Damietta.  This necessitated social appraisal and on-ground consultation to identify the affected stakeholder groups.  The assignment comprised Social Impact Assessment, with the main objective of establishing a social baseline for the project’s area.


    • Collection and review of secondary data, which covered the relevant statistics, technical reports, and studies.
    • Walkthroughs; field observations; photography; key informant interviews, and focus group discussions to collect primary data.


A Community Mapping and Consultation Report presenting the findings of the studies and surveys. The report comprised:

    • Description of the local context, detailing the relevant information on Damietta Governorate, particularly the areas to be impacted by the project.  The description covered location and administrative jurisdiction; population; employment; economic activities, and health services.
    • Mapping of the stakeholders, which identified the primary and secondary stakeholders, as well as other pressure groups.
    • Presentation of the major findings and recommendations that ensure proper communication, involvement and engagement of the stakeholders, key players, and local community.



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