Competitiveness of Egypt’s Energy Sector

  • The Egyptian National Competitiveness Council (ENCC) chose the experts at Environics among the contributors to their 7th Report in 2010, which was entitled “Green Egypt: A Vision for Tomorrow”.
  • The experts at Environics contributed a chapter to this publication, which was entitled “Competitiveness of Egypt’s Energy Sector.”
  • This competitiveness was investigated taking into account all energy sources along the entire value chain: extraction, production, conversion into secondary energy, transmission, and distribution.
  • The weights given to the various energy sources in the chapter depended primarily on the level of commercialization, then on the competitiveness of the resource base.  Competitiveness was conceptualized to be the attractiveness of a certain part of the value chain to foreign investments. The policy landscape was taken as the primary determinant of attractiveness.
  • The analysis presented in the chapter investigated the impact of relevant policies on the level of foreign and private sector investors, whether these policies were adequate in light of the level of reserves, in case of fossil fuels, and whether they ensured mobilizing the competitiveness of energy sectors.
  • The chapter ended with a prescription of a road map that uses the facts presented and analyzed to determine the required planning orientation, and a set of strategic actions that would ensure long-term continuity of supply and an overall competitive energy sector in the long run.

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