Compliance Action Plan (CAP) for a Water Heaters Factory, 10th of Ramadan

  • Environics was commissioned by Cairo Feeding Industry (CFI), one of Electrolux International Group of companies, to prepare a Compliance Action Plan for its Water Heaters Factory located in 10th of Ramadan industrial zone.
  • The objective of the plan was to identify and assess the environmental compliance of the plant compared to the requirements of the relevant environmental laws.
  • In this context, Environics reviewed documents and results of the recent environmental measurements as well as the available data of the environmental audit it conducted earlier (2012) for the plant.
  • Moreover, Environics team conducted a field visit to be familiar of any plant modifications and to investigate the environmental aspects of the current activities.
  • Environics prepared the Compliance Action Plan including: general information of the facility, and a description of the main industrial processes and utilities and the current pollution abatement units.
  • The plan also included an assessment of the current environmental condition, non-compliance aspects and reasons, and  recommended solutions.  In addition, the CAP listed the necessary corrective actions to achieve compliance and outlined the needed environmental management.

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