Compliance Action Plan (CAP), Feasibility Study and EIA for new sub-projects at Assiut Fertilizers Plant

  • EFIC was in the process of introducing new sub-projects in its Assiut Fertilizers Plant, Manqabad, in order to ensure environmental compliance, and for better productivity and efficiency.
  • The sub-projects included using an alternative cleaner fuel, as well as changing some of the production units and material levels.
  • Environics was commissioned to carry out the studies, which served to fulfill the funding requirements for these new sub-projects by the Private Public Sector Industry (PPSI) project, supported by the KfW.
  • A Compliance Action Plan (CAP) was developed for the existing plant, which entailed a comprehensive environmental audit, involving sampling, measurements and analyses that were performed by a certified laboratory.  The CAP included recommendations to ensure complete environmental compliance of the plant.
  • The Technical Feasibility Study for the new sub-projects assessed the designs and estimated costs proposed by design, construction and installation contractors.  The study described the basic designs of the sub-projects; detailed the capital, operation and maintenance costs, analyzed the projects environmental impacts and presented its payback period, and provided a self-monitoring plan.
  • According to Egyptian regulations, the new sub-projects required a Category B EIA, which included detailed description of the construction and operation phases of the projects, and the relevant laws and legislations,  as well as a comprehensive environmental management plan.

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