Biomass Scoping Study for Egypt

  • The International Finance Corporation (IFC) was in process of conducting a biomass scoping study in the Europe and Central Asia, and the Middle East and North Africa regions (ECA/MENA Biomass Scoping Study).
  • Environics was commissioned to present a scoping study on the case of Egypt.
  • Environics conducted an exhaustive literature review and extensive interviews with various entities to identify Egypt’s potential for bio-energy.  A briefing memo was produced, which identified the potential areas and resources for the generation of this alternative type of energy.  The memo covered the following:
    • Overview of bioenergy supply; state of technology; policy and regulations; key opportunities, and recommendations.
    • Discussion of Egypt’s rating in potential and application of bioenergy and presentation of relevant issues, such as: resource evaluation; technology analysis; legal & regulatory framework; stakeholder mapping, and SWOT analysis.

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