Strategic Environmental & Social Impact Assessment for Phase 3 of Robeiki Industrial Cluster Badr City

  • The Robeiki Leather Cluster is a national project integrating tanning and leather industry sectors. Robeiki Leather Cluster was established with the aim of relocating the tannery activities from residentially crowded areas (Old Cairo) to a new industrial cluster.
  • The development of Robeiki leather city included three phases; namely, phase 1, focusing on relocating tanneries, phase 2, reserved for tanneries expansion and feeding industries, while phase 3 focusing on housing of leather manufacturing industries such as shoes, jackets, etc.
  • Based on continuous interaction with client and stakeholders, as well as integration with the design team, Environics is currently preparing the SESIA.
  • The SEIA comprises: Meetings, site visits and review of project information and documents; Description of environmental & social baseline; Compilation of relevant laws & regulations; Project description & assessment of alternatives; Assessment of environmental & social impacts; Mitigation measures; Environmental & Social Management Plan, and Public disclosure.

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