Strategic Energy Plan for Cement Producer

  • Environics was requested by the client to prepare three reports discussing the energy outlook of the cement industry in Egypt. The first report brings to view the energy landscape in Egypt, outlining the main features of the local energy market. The second report applies specifically to the cement industry, while the third presents, based on this outlook for energy in Egypt, recommendations with regard to strategic energy plans and investments/solutions to be potentially adopted by the client.
  • This assignment’s reports:
    • Provided a comprehensive analysis of the historical and forecasted energy situation in Egypt.
    • Presented the prevailing market structure and mechanisms governing energy in Egypt, as well as their limitations.
    • Assessed the various available energy sources in Egypt for use in the cement industry.
    • Provided and assessed local & international data regarding energy for cement manufacturing.
    • Assessed and analyzed the level of subsidy for energy products, as well as the cost of supplying energy to the client.
    • Presented possible measures & mechanisms to secure energy supply to the client.

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