Program to Stimulate Energy Efficiency in Energy Intensive Industries in Egypt

  • The French Development Agency (AFD) and Egyptian Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade have assigned Environics, in association with the International Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD) and TRI Ocean Energy, to carry out a “Study regarding a Program to Stimulate Energy Efficiency in Energy Intensive Industries in Egypt.”
  • The objective of the study was to analyze the feasibility of a government incentive scheme dedicated to fostering energy efficiency investments in energy intensive industries.
  • The study comprised:
    • A proposed scheme to foster energy efficiency based on economic incentive, which covered: the scheme’s dynamics; targets; main features, choice, and justification; financial support, and other accompanying measures.
    • Examination and analyses of selected industrial sectors, namely the iron and steel, ceramic, and glass industries.
    • Discussion of potential energy efficiency interventions in each sector, which included detailed descriptions of the production processes, analyses of energy consumption, and recommendations of energy efficiency projects or interventions.
    • Facility data and cost-benefit analyses for each industrial sector.
    • Discussions of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) potential; legal and institutional setup, and potential macro-economic impacts of the program.
    • Presentation of the program configuration, action plan & proposed follow-up activities.

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