Support to PepsiCo. in the Water Risk Assessment (6th of October City & Tanta Plants), in association with ERM

  • Environics was commissioned to carry out a Water Risk Assessment study for PepsiCo. plants in 6th of October City and Tanta.
  • Environics scope of work encompassed water risk assessment of 3 Fresh Water Treatment Plants with different capacities in 6th of October and Sheikh Zayed Cities and  a Western Wastewater Treatment Unit in 6th of October City, to assess PepsiCo.’s water & wastewater contribution, as well as review and assess their performance against the related water and wastewater regulatory requirements.
  • Moreover, Environics assisted in the evaluation of hydrometeorological data.  It carried out a community perception survey and an investigation of source water risk assessment within the vicinity of both plants, in order to develop an understanding of the stakeholders’ perception regarding the impact of PepsiCo impact on the community and people’s perception on water availability.

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