Environmental Due Diligence in 10th of Ramadan Industrial Area


An electrical appliance compnay was planning to use a site in the 10th of Ramadan Industrial Area for one of its projects. An Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) study was required to identify the potential liabilities and impacts through collecting and evaluating the information on the significant environmental aspects of the site.

Environics undertook the following to prepare a final EDD report that outlined the key findings, conclusions, and recommendations:
– Review of the available historical, geological, hydrogeological, and topographical data of the area
– Conducting site investigations to identify baseline information and significant environmental aspects
– Documenting and analyzing observations

The EDD report comprised the following:
– Description of the environmental settings: climate, geological description, groundwater, and land use
– Site reconnaissance, which fully described the site and its history and identified the soil contamination and groundwater pollution
– Conclusions and recommendations for mitigating any potential negative impacts

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