Sustainable Consumption and Production Programme (SCP) for Cairo


Within the scope of UNEP’s African 10 Year Framework Programme (YFP) on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP), Cairo had been selected as an example of a mega city.

The Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), Cairo Governorate and the Egyptian National Cleaner Production Center (ENCPC) created a working team to prepare an SCP program document for Cairo. ENCPC commissioned Environics to contribute to this task.

The key stakeholders had at the time defined four crucial thematic areas for sustainable development, namely: Solid Waste Management, Industrial Development, Urban Development (with focus on slums areas), and Transportation and its Emissions.

Environics prepared the SCP program document for Cairo, in cooperation with ENCPC, following the general methodology formulated by UNEP, which was based on reviewing and analyzing relevant, available policies; strategies; action plans, and programs on the national, sectoral and local levels.

In addition, a number of formal interviews had been conducted with official representatives and stakeholders. The process of developing the SCP program for Cairo had built on existing political/strategic frameworks, enhancing ongoing efforts and bridging gaps, if any.

The main objectives of implementing an SCP program were to:
• Raise awareness of the importance of sustainable consumption and production through key partners.
• Prepare a local program for SCP and implementing a number of pilot projects, through consultation with different stakeholders, focusing on the applicable activities.
• Support the preparation of a national program for sustainable consumption and production.

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