Technical Assistance for the Application of Environmental Measures in Hotels’ Operations

  • This assignment is expected to target ecologically-sensitive areas exposed to tourism development ‎pressures in the short to – medium term with the objective of mainstreaming biodiversity conservation ‎into tourism-sector development and operations. The project shapes the background of the ‎assignment. ‎
  • The assignment aims at increasing the penetration of best practices into the Egyptian tourism sector ‎through the widespread integration of environmental sustainability practices in the day-to-day ‎operations of hotel management and the promotion eco-efficient resource consumption.‎
    • The specific objectives of the assignment can be summarized as follows:‎
    • Review and finalize list of environmental measures;‎
    • Develop sustainability measures feasibility studies;‎
    • Synthesize best environmental practices and develop best practices manual & online Platform;
    • Design and conduct a Training of Trainers (ToT);‎
    • Conduct two rounds of trainings (management & assistance);‎
    • Provide trained trainers with technical assistance;‎
    • Assist the trained trainers in the implementation of best practices;‎
    • Document success stories, and
    • Develop fact sheets.
  • The scope of work is to:‎
    • Evaluate the feasibility of a set of identified best practices related to environmental ‎sustainability measures that can be introduced at hotels, and support with their implementation, ‎as well as
    • Develop and deliver a training and training of trainers (ToT) for experts and select staff ‎members of hotels.‎

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