Aquifer Remediation Study for Abu Nakhla Petrol Filling Station

  • Environics was commissioned to carry out an Aquifier Remediation Study for Abu Nakhla Petrol Filling Station located in Doha, Qatar, following the Geo-Environmental Investigation undertaken for the station that revealed the existence of contaminated groundwater in the southern portion of the site close to the fuel pumps.
  • The scope of work encompassed:
    • Checking the validity and sufficiency of the available data;
    • Identifying the number and locations of the proposed new boreholes that might be needed to accurately delineate the vertical and horizontal extent of the contaminated plume;
    • Collecting more data about soil and groundwater quality within the premises of the Petrol Station;
    • Calculating the exact volume of each phase of the concerned hydrocarbons;
    • Developing a numerical model to simulate the groundwater flow and contaminant transport in the aquifer; and
    • Using the developed model to evaluate the efficiency of the proposed remediation options on the hydrocarbon removals.
  • The study report was prepared including the following: introduction and objective of the study, scope of work, behavior of the Petroleum Leakage form underground storage tanks in the saturated and unsaturated porous medium, available baseline data from previous studies, baseline contamination assessment, data completeness, estimation of mass and volume of the impacted soil in the unsaturated zone, estimation of mass and volume of the free-floating product, and groundwater remediation as well as summary and conclusion.


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