ESDD for a company specialized in Flavors & Fragrances, Herbs & Spices, Essential Oils, Processed Food, & Natural Extracts

  • The ESDD assessment was conducted for the company’s sites to assess its compliance with the applicable national legal framework.
  • Scope of work comprised the following activities:
    • Document Review: including the relevant national legal framework and all the facilities relevant documents, including: licenses, registers and permits, environmental documents, emergency response and firefighting reports, as well as Health and Safety documents.
    • Site Visits: including the company’s operating facilities to observe the following aspects:
      • Environmental Aspects (Air Emissions, Wastewater, Wastes, Hazardous Materials, Soil Contamination, and Asbestos).
      • Labor aspects (Organizational Capacity, HSE Committee, Insurance, Child and Women Workers).
      • Health and Safety Aspects (Emergency Response, Incident Reporting, PPEs).
    • Assessment & Findings: an assessment was done for all the examined aspects and the findings were provided.

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