Baseline Study of Marine and Terrestrial Habitats in Ras Hewala area, Matrouh

  • Environics was commissioned to conduct a marine and terrestrial baseline study and a bathymetric map, as well as a study of the wild biological habitat, in the area of Ras Hewala Bay, on the Mediterranean Coast, east of Marsa Matrouh, 50 km away from the city.
  • Marine Survey and Marine Biodiversity in the study area:
    • The coast was divided into three main areas according its morphology and nature.  Each of the three areas was studied in details using a different method.  The belt-transect approach was selected to study the different sectors of the project areas, where the different habitats and benthic species were characterized and recorded.
    • Environics presented the results of the marine survey.
  • Bathymetric Map:
    • The depths of the marine sector were measured using Echo Sounder, where the area was divided into longitudinal sectors perpendicular on the coastline.
  •  Study of the wild biological habitat:
    • Environics has conducted a study of the project’s wider area including: the habitats, the flora and fauna, relying on the information and data collected during previous observation processes, references, publications, reports, as well as from recent studies carried out by Environics and other parties.
  • For studying the project site and its close vicinity, Environics relied on: satellite images analyses to primarily determine the types of habitats, and on field survey to observe both the flora and fauna.
  • Environics, then, illustrated the ecological importance of the project site.

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