Baseline Environmental Monitoring of the Eastern Deltaic Coast

  • This survey of the coastal margins of BG’s El-Burg Block Concession, which covered the geomorphology, landscape, marine and terrestrial ecologies, and socio-economic environment, was part of the EIA required for seismic acquisition.
  • The field reconnaissance activity relied on a landscape ecological approach.  Fifteen sites were selected for thorough ground truthing based on the landscape features shown by the topographic maps and the satellite image.
  • The baseline survey entailed monitoring and assessment of the terrestrial and freshwater flora and fauna of the eastern Deltaic Mediterranean Coast, stressing on the coastal belt habitats and associated biodiversity.
  • The survey covered the area of the block and the immediate coastal area. It also embraced the context of the wider geographical area of the East Delta region of Egypt.
  • The baseline report included descriptions of the physical environments of Daqahleya and Damietta Governorates, with particular emphasis on the coastal landscape and geomorphology.
  • The descriptions also covered the terrestrial and marine biological environments, biodiversity value, and nature conservation aspects.  The report provided an account of the socio-economic characteristics of the study area.
  • Environics also carried out and reported on the processes of stakeholder identification, meetings, and scoping.
  • A questionnaire was tailored to facilitate these processes and the involved stakeholders included: EEAA, its concerned departments, Regional Branch Offices (RBOs), and the Environmental Management Units (EMUs) of Damietta and Daqahleya Governorates; Shore Protection Agency; the Fishermen Cooperative Association, the Motorized Fishing Boat-owners Association; the member ministries of the National Committee for Integrated Coastal Zone Management.

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