Development of management plans (Water and Wastewater Management, GHG Reduction, and Construction Waste Management) and draft a Chance Find Procedures for PV Plant Construction in Benban

Environics was commissioned by FAS Construction to draft Chance Find procedures and prepare three plans for a PV plant construction in Benban Solar Park, namely: the Water and Wastewater Management Plan, the GHG (Greenhouse gases) Reduction Plan – Emission release during PV plant construction, and the Construction Waste Management Plan.

The Chance Find procedures established the measures to be taken if a Chance Find (a tangible cultural heritage encountered unexpectedly during project construction or operation) was encountered during construction of the Project. The procedures complied with the legal requirements of Egyptian law 117/183 amended by Law 3/2010 concerning the protection of antiquities; and abided by best international practices in this respect.

The Construction Waste Management plan was prepared in light of the Waste Management Hierarchy. It established measures to be taken to manage the waste generated throughout the project’s construction phase with the designated responsibilities.

The Water and Wastewater Management Plan and the GHG Reduction Plan were prepared in accordance with relevant IFC’s Performance Standards. They established the measures to be taken during the development and construction of the Project and assigned roles and responsibilities.


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