Collision Risk Modeling (CRM) for two development scenarios at the Lekela Wind Energy Concession and supplementary assessment

  • Environics was commissioned to undertake bird collision risk modeling (CRM) for two scenarios utilizing two different wind turbine models and lay out configurations at the Lekela wind energy concession.
  • The objective of the CRM was to provide the best possible predictions of the potential number and species of bird casualties due to collision with active rotors at the wind farm, i.e. without mitigation measures (e.g. shutdown).
  • The CRM developed by Scottish Natural History (SNH) (2010) was adopted for the purpose of the study.  The CRM was carried out using data collected of migratory soaring bird migration during four migratory seasons: Spring and autumn of both 2017 and 2018.
  • Collision Risk Modeling methodology, inputs and outputs were provided, including: characteristics of the two turbine models, number and percentage of birds colliding in different seasons, as well as comparison of the predicted collisions for the different configurations.  Moreover, the CRM presented the results and recommended the proper mitigation measures.
  • As the field work only covered one fifth of the entire development plot, the number of birds and potential bird casualties were scaled up to reflect the sampling effort. On the other hand the predicted casualties are scaled down to provide casualty levels per turbine.
  • In addition, Environics was commissioned to carry out supplementary assessment for Lekela 250 BOO Wind Power Plant which included:
    • a re-run of the CRM based on modified information provided by Lekela.
    • Revision of the CRM and ESIA reports accordingly.

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