Consultancy Services Relating to UNIDO’s Project to Facilitate Energy Efficiency Improvements in the Industrial Sector

  • UNIDO’s Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) Project aims to facilitate energy efficiency improvements in the industrial sector through supporting the development & implementation of a national energy management standard and energy efficiency services for Egyptian industry as well as the creation of demonstration projects.  This is achieved through projects to deliver comprehensive capacity building at the institutional level, in the market and within enterprises on energy management and energy system optimization. These projects include demonstration projects through providing energy efficiency investment specific technical assistance, as well as capacity building on Energy management systems (EnMS). Environics was commissioned to participate in this technical assistance within the scope of the UNIDO EnMS Expert Training Programme to provide the expertise and technical support required to assist two partner enterprises in the implementation of an energy management system (EMS) in line with ISO 50001.
  • Services provided for this assignment include:
    • Assisting partner enterprises in implementing:
      • Planning part of an EMS in line with ISO 50001;
      • Operation part of an EMS in line with ISO 5001;
      • Checking and management review part of an EMS in line with ISO 50001, including energy performance improvements verification.
    • Preparing a final report on the implementation of the EnMS at the enterprises, detailing:
      • EE and performance improvements achieved as a result of the EnMS implementation;
      • Type of EE projects & measures implemented as a result of the EnMS implementation and corresponding technical and economic impact;
      • Total energy savings and avoided GHG emissions achieved as a result of the EnMS implementation.

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