Country and Regional Health, Social, Environmental, Integrity and Social Economic (HSE/ISR) Profiles for Egypt


Environics partnered with Environmental Resources Management (ERM) to prepare a Country and Regional HSE/ISR Profile Report for Egypt: Environmental, Social and Health Inputs, as part of the StatoilHydro Profiling Project.

The study aimed to identify any risks and opportunities that were presented by taking forward StatoilHydro investments in Blocks 9 & 10, and other potential developments in the Nile and Western Desert areas. ERM and Environics were commissioned to provide input to the environmental, health and socio-economic aspects of the HSE/ISR report and the collation of information that may be used in preparation of Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) for future developments.

Environics collected the available data and undertook scoping and gap analysis for the environmental, health, and socio-economic aspects of the project. Environics also carried out GIS mapping and analysis; identified information holders; defined risks and opportunities, and participated in preparing the final report, which included:
– Overview of the key environmental, health, and social issues
– Detailing relevant legislation and institutional structure
– Description of the environmental, socio-economic, and health conditions, which covered:
o The physical, marine, terrestrial biological, and socio-economic environments
o The health care system, key health indicators, and the health requirements for workers and visitors in Egypt
– Identification of preliminary stakeholders, which also addressed the challenges and constraints of civil society participation

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