EIA for Composting Facility in KSA


SADACA for Environmental Works and Cleaning were planning to construct and operate two solid waste management facilities in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

An EIA was required for the first facility (Jeddah 1) to satisfy the environmental requirements of KSA and comply with the guidelines of the World Bank (WB).

The proposed project for Jeddah 1 was to add a composting facility to the operational sorting facility that already existed at the location. The proposed composting facility was to make use of the organic content of the sorted solid wastes.

SADACA contracted Environics to carry out an EIA for the sorting and proposed composting facilities at Jeddah 1.

Environics conducted site investigations and document reviews to produce a comprehensive EIA study that included the following:
– Description of the country context pertaining to the project, which covered the relevant national and international environmental legislations and regulations and the sectoral issues in KSA,
– Project information, which detailed:
o Project location
o Construction activities, such as land leveling and preparation; infrastructure; construction methodologies; manpower and construction camps; construction equipment; quantities and types of inputs, and the management of emissions and wastes
– Project description, which comprised the technical and economic aspects of the project; project’s objectives; main components, such as mechanical equipment and civil and electrical works; proposed technologies; quantities and types of inputs; management of emissions and wastes; description and quantity of products, and manpower and production activities
– Project alternatives
– Description and analysis of the project’s baseline information:
o Physical environment: climate; air quality and noise; geology; ground and surface water quality, and soil quality
o Biological environment: flora, fauna, and protected areas
o Socio-economic environment: population, economic activity and employment, infrastructure, education, and health
– Identification and assessment of environmental impacts
– Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan
– Summary of the interagency coordination and public consultation activities

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