EIA for Wastewater Treatment Project, Jeddah, KSA


The General Department of Water in the Holy Mecca Area of Saudi Arabia was preparing the construction of a wastewater treatment plant to serve the northern central area of Jeddah. The chosen location of the plant was to the south of the King Abdulaziz International Airport, on the Red Sea Coast.

The plant was to perform tertiary treatment and was to be constructed on three stages, each having a capacity of 250,000 m3/day, while the effluent was planned to be discharged to the sea.

Environics was subcontracted by Chemonics Egypt to prepare an EIA for the construction of the plant.

Environics conducted the EIA, which entailed the following:
– Identification of relevant environmental health and safety policies and legislations
– Description of the proposed project
– Description of baseline environmental conditions at the site, including using a mathematical model for air quality
– Identification of the alternatives for the project, which included alternatives for the plant’s location; the treatment technologies; the disposal of treated water, and the drainage lines
– Analysis of the potential impacts of the project during construction and operation, which included the significant impacts on terrestrial and marine structures
– Proposal of mitigation measure for the negative environmental impacts
– Proposal of an environmental management and monitoring plan for the project
– Preliminary design of marine outfall

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