EIA for the Facility of the Egyptian Propylene and Polypropylene Company (EPPC) in Port Said


The Egyptian Propylene and Polypropylene Company (EPPC) commissioned Environics to conduct an EIA for expanding the processes of its facility in al-Gamil Industrial Area, Port Said. The proposed expansion was to produce three types of polypropylene in solid pellet forms.

The production components covered by the EIA included: process lines, wastewater treatment and discharge, and boilers and related demineralization units.

Environics conducted a relevant document review and carried out site visits and detailed field investigations to complete the EIA, which included:
– Overview of the relevant policy, legal, and administrative framework;
– Detailed description of all units and processes of the proposed project;
– Survey of the physical, biological and socio-economic environmental aspects, such as:
o Climate; air quality and noise; geomorphology; geology; earthquakes; groundwater resources; soil, and landscape character,
o Habitats, flora, and fauna of the project’s hinterland, and the relevant biological environment of Lake Manzala,
o Demography; infrastructure; economic activities; employment and education; health, and archaeological sites;
– Analysis of project alternatives and identification of environmental impacts and their mitigation measures;
– A comprehensive environmental management and monitoring plan, and
– Reporting on the public consultation activities: scoping phase and disclosure meeting.

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