EDD for a model agricultural farm


The study area comprised a model farm located to the west of Cairo-Alexandria Road, within the administrative borders of Menofia governorate.

Environics was commissioned to investigate the different baseline data of the study area and hinterland, including the general landscape, geological and geomorphological information, vulnerability to natural hazards (earthquakes, sandstorms…etc.), weather conditions and rainfall data. Moreover, surface water was studied and groundwater was extensively investigated.

The study comprised a literature review of groundwater in the study area. The review included all the published reports, technical papers and information bulletins within the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI), as well as the personal communication with the water experts in Egypt.

Environics carried out a full investigation of the hydrogeologic characteristic of the aquifer systems, which covered the ground surface topography, geomorphologic units, geologic setting, groundwater levels and groundwater use, groundwater aquifer systems, hydrogeologic and hydrochemical characteristics of the aquifer systems, and seawater intrusion phenomenon in the Nile Delta aquifer system.

Environics developed maps and graphs to better illustrate the different hydrological issues, in addition to using the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) to automatically extract the topographic features of the study area.

Based on the analysis of the results of investigations and tests, measures were recommended to mitigate adverse impacts of groundwater utilization in the Western Delta Region.

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