Energy Conservation for the Premises of a Leading Investment Banking Company

  • A leading investment banking company considers energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction essential actions to strive towards sustainability.
  • To this end, the company commissioned Environics to assess the carbon footprint and propose interventions to improve energy efficiency at its premises in Smart Village, Giza.
  • Environics carried out a walk-through audit to assess the energy use, and a site visit to measure the lighting electricity consumption and light intensity at the premises.
  • Based on the results of these activities, as well as the data provided by the company’s technical team, Environics produced a final report, which aimed at:
    • Identifying possible energy saving opportunities.
    • Studying preliminary technical & financial feasibilities.
    • Proposing a priority list for implementation and recommendations.
    • Calculation of the CO2 footprint to establish a baseline for future reference.
  • The report presented:
    • Company’s energy consumption & foreseen energy tariffs in Egypt;
    • CO2 footprint for the premises;
    • Energy saving interventions;
    • Recommendations.

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