EIAs, Compliance Action Plans (CAPs) & Technical Feasibility Studies for Fertilizers Plants at Manqabad & Abu Tig, Assiut

  • The Egyptian Financial and Industrial Company (EFIC) and MECCA for Cattle Feed were in the process of introducing new projects to improve their performance and ensure environmental compliance.
  • Projects included changing some production units, adding new production components and facilities, as well as pollution abatement units.
  • Projects were to fulfill funding requirements of the Private Public Sector Industry (PPSI) project, supported by KfW.
  • Environics prepared EIA studies (Category-B) for the proposed projects, covering:
    • Project description, construction & operation phases.
    • Project alternatives and assessment of environmental impacts.
    • Comprehensive environmental management plans.
  • Environics prepared also CAPs, that entailed:
    • Comprehensive environmental audits for the existing plants.
    • Description of the main production processes and service units; the current environmental status and the existing pollution abatement units.
    • Discussion of non-compliance issues, their causes and planned solutions.
    • Brief of the sub-projects requirements, and the proposed action plan.
  • Moreover, Technical Feasibility Studies were prepared to:
    • Present basic designs of the new sub-projects.
    • Provide their capital and operating costs, and payback period.
    • Discuss environmental impacts.
    • Include self-monitoring plans.

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