Scoped-B EIA Study Sokhna Container Terminal, Phase 1 Project, Sokhna Port


Red Sea Container Terminals Overseas Limited is a subsidiary of Hutchison Ports (HP), has entered a concession agreement with Ministry of Transport (MoT) to develop SOKHNA Terminal.

The works in Sokhna Container Terminal Project will be carried out in 2 phases.

Phase 1 of an area of about 720,000m2, will be developed to handle 1,610,000 TEUs annually. Only cargo containers will be handled at the terminal. These may include dangerous Goods except Classes 1, 6.2, and 7.

The objective of the EIA is to ensure that the project is environmentally sound and sustainable and that any potential negative environmental consequences are recognized early in the project cycle and taken into account before project implementation, to be avoided, mitigated, or compensated as well as maximizing the benefits and positive impacts of the project on the environment.

The scope of work includes the preparation of Scoped (B) EIA for Phase 1 of Sokhna Port Container Terminal project to handle containers that include Dangerous Goods except Class 1, 6.2, and 7.

The scope of work includes the different activities for Sokhna Port container terminal – phase1, those activities are:

Construction of container terminal, developing all associated facilities and services as follows:

  • Pavements, container stacking areas, reefer facilities, RTG/eRTGC runway, and parking areas.
  • Steel Structure and foundation/pads for eRTGC systems and Wi-Fi/calibration towers.
  • Electrical supply and distribution systems.
  • Buildings including electrical substations, gate complex, multipurpose building, new office building, yard building, berth office, Customs Lab, guard rooms administration and security building, custom and cashier building, stevedore and mass building, and workshop.

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