Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Audit for GSK Supplier in Obour City

  • Environics undertook a site tour (internal and external) and personnel interviews, observed behavioural practices, validated issues with first line individuals for factual accuracy, assessed the adequacy of controls in place and in use, and provided end of day debriefs etc.  Environics also carried out a documents review using, for compliance evaluation, the Law 4/1994, its modifications and updated ERs, and the Labor Law 12/2003.
  • Environics  addressed GSK’s duty for social responsibility in the supply chain, and assisted in the development and adoption of appropriate plans to mitigate potential risks in relation to the following: Environmental, health, safety and labour issues, Regulatory issues, Business interruption/continuity of supply, fire, explosion, regulatory enforcement action, environmental events, Corporate Reputation & Responsibility, Contract manufacturers & suppliers with unacceptable EHSS performance, recovery of returned or rejected product.

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