Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Risk and Culture Audit for L’Oreal’s Manufacturing Site in Cairo

  • The audit objectives consisted of identifying EHS risks related to situations, facilities, equipment or practices, as well assessing the level of EHS culture.
  • The Risk audit has been conducted according to the L’Oreal Audit Risk protocol. The level of EHS culture has been assessed through interviews of homogeneous groups following a methodology and road map designed by L’Oreal.
  • The assignment encompassed the following: an introductory meeting, a site tour, documents’ review, group and individual interviews, a close-out meeting, and a meeting with the executive committee to discuss the action plan and the consequence of the Culture audit results.
  • A report was prepared describing risk findings and related recommendations, ranking of the findings, the risk audit quotation matrix, as well as, detailed EHS Culture assessment results, and the close-out meeting presentation presented at the end of the audit.
  • Recommendations for follow-up actions/measures to be taken were provided.

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