ESDD for West El-Manzala Concession

  • ESDD aimed at providing an independent and objective evaluation of Dana Gas E & S policies and practices against the IFC standards and guidelines.
  • ESDD examined compliance with the Egyptian HSE legal requirements; IFC PSs; IFC General EHS Guidelines, and IFC EHS Guidelines for Onshore Oil and Gas Development.
  • ESDD entailed studying the West El-Manzala concession area, which included surveying its physical environment, ecology, and archaeological sites, as well as the social conditions and economic activities.
  • Study defined the sensitivities in the area through researching the agricultural activity; the residential and resort areas; the aquacultures/wetlands; the cemeteries and places of worship; the protectorate, and the archaeological sites.
  • Field inspection addressed the drilling rig sites, as part of the management review.  Activities at the drilling sites included drilling, installation, transfer, and dismantling of rigs.
  • Based on the ESDD study, Dana Gas prepared an action plan according to the recommendations made by Environics to comply with the stipulated requirements.

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