ESDD for an International Oil & Gas Company

  • An international oil and gas company commissioned Environics to conduct an ESDD, as part of the assessments required to grant the company a bank loan for the purpose of developing its concessions.
  • ESDD aimed at providing an independent and objective evaluation of the company’s environmental & social policies and practices in existing gas fields against the standards and guidelines of IFC & Equator Principles.
  • Environics reviewed the company’s environmental and social system to check its compliance with the Equator Principles, the Egyptian Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) legal requirements, IFC performance standards as well as general HSE guidelines.
  • The review was done for onshore & offshore facilities of the company’s three joint venture companies.
  • The review covered the HSEMS, its implementation practices and assessment.
  • One of the site audits comprised both operation and construction activities, with focus on reviewing the HSE performance, including the adoption of HSE contractor management procedure.

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