Environmental Audit & Compliance Action Plan (CAP) for Four Industrial Sectors in Abu Rawash Complex

  • El Nasr Co. for Intermediate Chemicals (NCIC) commissioned Environics to carry out an environmental audit and prepare a Compliance Action Plan (CAP) for its industrial complex in Abu Rawash.
  • In this context, Environics prepared:
    • A Preliminary report on Abu Rawash Complex that encompassed data on each industrial sector, including: raw materials, maximum production capacity, as well as sources and consumption of utilities (water, electricity and natural gas).
    • Environmental Audit reports for each sector in Abu Rawash complex, namely: The Aerosol Sector, The Chemicals Sector, The Chlorine Sector & The Medical & Industrial Gases Sector. The Audit reports were prepared based on: field visits observations for the four sectors, and review of environmental register and environmental documents in light of the requirements of the relevant environmental regulations.  The environmental aspects resulting from the sectors’ current activities were identified & environmental compliance with the requirements of law 4/1994, amended by law 105/2015 and its modified executive regulations was assessed. The audit reports included: scope of the field audit, the sector’s general data, products and inputs, description of production processes, description of service units, summary of relevant regulations, and environmental aspects of each sector, as well as summary of conclusions & recommendations.
    • An Environmental Compliance Action Plan for Abu Rawash complex based on the environmental audit reports for each sector.  It encompassed: the necessary measures, the time frame and responsibilities required for implementation.
  • Moreover, Environics provided technical support & follow-up until obtaining approval by the Industrial Development Authority.

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