Environmental Audit, Environmental Monitoring Plan, Environmental Register & Compliance Action Plan for Egybev facility in Gouna

The Egyptian International Beverage Co, (Egybev) is manufacturing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, soft drinks as well as Ethyl alcohol in its facility located in Gouna industrial zone, Hurgada.  Egybev commissioned Environics to carry out an Environmental Audit, and prepare an Environmental Monitoring Plan to assess the current environmental compliance status, as well as the plant’s Environmental Register and Compliance Action Plan.

Environmental Audit:

Environics reviewed company documents against the requirements of the environmental laws applicable to the plant, as well as carried out a field visit to the plant in order to obtain detailed information on the current activities, environmental aspects, and methods of environmental management of normal and hazardous substances and wastes.  Also, to determine the quality and locations of environmental measurements and analyses necessary for the preparation of the environmental monitoring plan.

The Audit report was prepared including: site description, products, production processes, description of service units, and inputs.  In addition to analysis of the plant’s current environmental compliance status, including identification of compliance or non-compliance aspects.  Results, and recommendations to improve the plant’s environmental status were provided and included in the Compliance Action Plan (CAP).

Preparation of Environmental Monitoring Plan:

Based on the information gathered during the field audit, an Environmental Monitoring Plan was prepared specifying details of the required monitoring to be carried out periodically through a certified laboratory.  The plan will be included in Egybev’s Environmental Register.

The monitoring plan included monitoring air emissions from stacks, gas emissions, noise, heat stress, and luminous intensity in the work environment, and the needed analyses to assess the quality of wastewater used to irrigate the company’s green areas.

Environmental Register:

Environics has prepared the plant’s two-part environmental register in accordance with the requirements of Annex (3) to the executive regulations of Law 4/1994 amended by Law 105/2015.

Part 1: Environmental Status Register that included: general description of the plant, inputs, relevant laws and regulations, production processes and utilities, gas emissions and rates, liquid and solid wastes, the work environment, environmental management and efforts to raise the efficiency of the plant’s environmental performance.

Part 2: Hazardous Substances and Wastes Register that included: Hazardous Materials, Hazardous Wastes and Emergency Response Plan.

Compliance Action Plan:

Based on the results of the environmental audit and environmental measurements, and after investigating the recorded reasons for environmental non-compliance, Environics has prepared a Compliance Action Plan which encompassed a set of proposed corrective actions to achieve compliance, the timeframe and assigned responsibilities.

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