Environmental Baseline Studies for BP’s West Nile Delta Gas Development Project -Raven Site, Beheira

  • Environics, in cooperation with Environmental Resources Management (ERM), was commissioned to carry out environmental baseline studies for BP’s Raven site and its immediate surroundings located at the northeastern borders of Markaz Idku, Beheira Governorate.
  • The assignment entailed:
    • Collection of information on Land use and sensitivities surrounding the site:
    • Environics collected information of the land use and activities around the project site through analysis of satellite images and ground verification. Environmental and social sensitivities were highlighted. Results of this activity were used to select air and noise monitoring locations.
    • Air quality survey:
    • Environics contributed to an Air Quality Survey that lasted for 12 months through the deployment and collection of diffusion tubes.
    • Noise monitoring survey for the surrounding areas of the Raven site.
    • Ecological walkover survey which included the flora and fauna covering the project site and the surrounding buffer   zone.
    • Soil and groundwater walkover survey (Phase 1) and soil and groundwater sampling survey (Phase 2).

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