Environmental Baseline Study for the Integrated Environmental Impact Assessment (IEIA) for Marsa Wazar Tourism Project

  • The Cleopatra Industrial Group was in the early planning stages for an integrated tourism project at their site in Marsa Wazar, along the western coast of the Red Sea. This development project required an Integrated Environmental Impact Assessment (IEIA).  Cleopatra Group contracted Environics to conduct the IEIA.
  • Environics was appointed by Cleopatra Group to carry out an integrated environmental impact assessment study (IEIA) for its proposed tourism center in Marsa Wazar, Marsa Alam Sector on the Red Sea coast of Egypt. The first phase of the project involved the preparation of a baseline study for the project area and the evaluation of the conceptual master plan of the project. The IEIA was to be carried out following the finalization of the master plan.
  • Environics planned to carry out the environmental studies for this project over two phases.  The first phase was the preparation of an environmental baseline survey of the physical, biological, and social components of the project, which entailed the development of environmental sensitivity maps that identified the potentialities and constraints.  This first phase was to guide the master planning of the project.  The Cleopatra Group prepared a draft master plan based on the conclusions and recommendations of the baseline survey.  Environics reviewed the draft master plan according to the environmental standards.
  • The comprehensive environmental baseline study conducted for the site included:
    • A description of the project’s site, which inspected its accessibility and the uses of adjacent land areas.
    • An analysis of the physical environment: the climate; oceanography; marine water quality; air quality; geological setting; surface hydrology; geomorphology and terrain, etc.
    • An analysis of the biological environment: the terrestrial ecology and the marine and coastal ecology.
    • An analysis of the social environment: the community structure and population; education; services; infrastructure; economic activity, etc.

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