Environmental Baseline Survey – Area “A” – Kareem, Ayun, Um El Yusr, & Shokeir Fields

  • Environics carried out this study for Oil Search (Egypt) Ltd in the company’s exploration acreage in the Eastern Desert (Area A, adjacent to the Gulf of Suez).
  • The area included four producing fields, namely, Kareem, Ayoun, Um El Yosr and Shokeir stations.
  • The study covered the baseline physical, biological and socioeconomic aspects of the area: soil; surface water; ground water; air quality; noise levels; terrestrial biology; geophysical environment, etc.
  • Previous spills were identified using GPS and photography, and sensitivity mapping and GIS tools were utilized for the assessment.
  • The study identified the effects of contamination and hazardous materials on the physical and biological environments, and recommended remediation measures.

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