Environmental Compliance Action Plan, Feasibility Study and Environmental Audit for a Fertilizer Production Company, Assiut & Kafr El Zayat

  • The Egyptian Financial and Industrial Company (EFIC), is a giant phosphate fertilizer producer that dominates 70% of the Egyptian Market and successfully penetrated the export markets in five continents of the globe.
  • EFIC was among the enterprises that have submitted requests to receive financial support as to enhance their environmental performance to comply with the environmental laws and regulations.  The company proposed some subprojects in its plants in Kafr ElZayat and Assiut to be financed under the Egyptian Pollution Abatement Project (EPAP III).
  • Environics was commissioned by EPAP III for preparation of the compliance action plan and technical feasibility studies of the proposed subprojects of EFIC.  The studies were prepared separately for each of Assiut and Kafr ElZayat plants and submitted to EPAP/PPSI PMU.
  • Environics conducted a compliance audit for both plants to assess the recent environmental status compared with the relevant laws and regulations.
  • The audit reports addressed the following issues: Process description, emissions and compliance status, summary of non-compliance issues, and the factory performance against relevant IFC sector benchmarks.
  • In addition, an assessment was carried out for each sub-project and an assessment feasibility report was submitted to EPAP III.
  • The feasibility report included the purpose and description of each sub-project, expected impacts, cost benefit analysis, benchmarking, technical specifications and self-monitoring plan.
  • Furthermore, a compliance action plan for each plant was developed including: current environmental status, pollution control equipment, non-compliance issues, causes and proposed solutions.  The plan also addressed the time frame of each action, and the management and follow-up during implementation.

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