EDD Assessment for a facility that manufactures paper bags for packaging cement

  • The overall purpose of the assessment was to identify, evaluate and report upon material environmental issues associated with the Target asset.
  • Furthermore, the assessment was required to identify environmental liabilities related to soil and groundwater contamination, and consider at site level the environmental regulatory compliance status, based upon existing & reasonably foreseeable regulations.
  • The scope of the assignment encompassed a review of the data and documentation provided, as well as one day site visit.
  • An assessment report was prepared including a summary of the status of the Site in regards to permits and EHS management, a summary of material findings and other notable (but minor) findings, and a summary of Soil & Groundwater risk.
  • For each topic where findings have been identified, the report included a description of issues identified and the implication of these for the Transaction. Where possible, an estimate of potential expenditure required to address each finding was provided.  Post-acquisition recommendations were also provided for each finding where applicable.
  • The limitations associated with the assessment were briefly outlined as well.

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