Environmental Audit for a dairy products facility


The environmental audit was carried out for a dairy production facility using the GREEN (Global Risk Evaluation of ENvironment) approach, which is a method and tool, developed for the client, that focuses on results and risks.

GREEN assesses the level of risks that covers environmental accident, reputation and administrative conflict. Fields studied within GREEN are: Permitting; Air emissions; Water supply; Legionella; Wastewater discharge; Rainwater discharge; Spill control; Waste Management; Restricted substances (Asbestos, PCB, ODS); Nuisances; Soil and groundwater; Ammonia, and Silos.

The audit comprised site visits and document reviews to use the specified tool, and covered:
1- Site Description, including:
Fire Protection; Water and Wastewater Management; Liquid Products Management; Waste Management; Air Emissions; Legionella; Special Materials, and Industrial Risks.
2- Environmental Risk Factor, including:
Groundwater and Surface Water Risk Factors and Neighbourhood Sensitivity.
3- Data on Risk Types, including:
Administration, accident and reputation.
4- Risk Assessment, including:
Permitting; Air Emissions; Water Supply; Legionella; Wastewater, Rainwater and Fire-fighting Wastewater Discharge; Spill Control; Waste Management; Restricted Substances; Nuisances; Soil and Groundwater; Ammonia, Silos and Other Risks, and ISO 14001 Compliance.

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