Environmental Management Plan for 15th of May Composting Plant


The Egyptian Company for Solid Waste Utilization (ECARU) applied to the Carbon Finance Business Development Unit (CFBU) to receive carbon credits as an operator of “landfilling and processing services for southern zone project” in Cairo.

In order to proceed with this step, ECARU prepared and submitted an Environmental Management Plan for the project’s composting facility to the World Bank (WB). The WB reviewed the EMP and requested modifications.

ECARU commissioned Environics to amend and update the EMP for the composting facility.

Environics carried out site investigations and document reviews to prepare an EMP that complied with the requirements of the WB. The EMP included:
– Full description of the site’s baseline information, covering the physical, biological, and social environments
– Summary of the scoping exercises
– Data analyses that resulted in the exclusion of some irrelevant impacts and the identification of project-specific ones
– Thorough investigation of significant impacts and identification of the measures to mitigate potential negative impacts
– Monitoring plan to ensure proper environmental performance

The preparation of the modified EMP emphasized the public consultation process, a main WB requirement, which entailed conducting scoping meetings with the relevant stakeholders.

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