Environmental Compliance Study for the Jubail Glass Production Site of Guardian Industries Corporation


Guardian Industries Corporation was undergoing Environmental Compliance Assessments of its glass-manufacturing facilities in Europe, South America, and the Middle East. Within the scope of these assessments, Golder Associates Ltd. (UK) was retained to assess the compliance of the Saudi Guardian International Float Glass Co. (GULFGUARD) facility at the Third Industrial Zone, Jubail, KSA. Golder commissioned Environics to carry out the environmental audit of the facility, which manufactures float glass, pattern glass, and mirror glass.

Environics reviewed all the laws and regulations pertinent to the facility, and the documentation provided by Guardian to detail the industrial processes and practices. A site investigation was then conducted to inspect the premises and its surroundings, and review additional information concerning the necessary permits; process chemicals used in production; water usage and waste management, and sub-surface impacts.

Environics then prepared a comprehensive report on the environmental compliance of the facility, which covered the following:
– Brief description of site configuration, which did not require much detail since the site’s processes were fully documented
– Site observations and findings, which detailed and discussed:
o Permits, licenses, and consents
o Air emissions
o Storage materials
o Water use, abstraction, drainage, and discharges
o Waste type, storage, and documentation
o Other aspects, such as: claims, nuisance, spills and leaks, and previous audits and remediation works
– Compliance and best practices summary, which covered all issues of concern, their recommended corrective actions, significance, and relevant laws.

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