ESIA studies of the Wastewater Expansion for Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate Project at Motobas and Dusouq


The Wastewater Expansion Project for Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate is a European Union-funded project, within the “Mediterranean Hotspot Investment Programme.” The project’s components include the provision of wastewater collection and treatment systems for fifteen clusters of villages in Kafr El-Sheikh. As part of the required studies for this project, Environics was commissioned to carry out an ESIA scoping report for the overall project, and a complete ESIA for the project’s activities in the districts of Mutubas and Dusouq.

Environics conducted the ESIA scoping study, followed by the complete ESIA studies, which covered the pre-construction, construction, and operation phases of the sanitation service areas of Motobas and Dusouq districts. The components of the service area projects are: sewerage networks, pumping stations, and wastewater treatment plants. The ESIAs fulfilled the following objectives:
– Supplying relevant data concerning the environmental and social impacts of the projects.
– Assessing and evaluating the impacts on the physical, biological, socio-economic, and man-made environments, taking into account the relevant national and international requirements and guidelines.
– Analysing the projects’ alternatives.
– Providing sets of mitigation measures and monitoring plans to manage the projects’ environmental and social impacts.

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