Environmental Due Diligence Assessment (EDDA) for a construction chemicals production company


The Environmental Due Diligence Assessment (EDDA) was conducted for a company specialized in the production of construction chemicals, located in the industrial zone of New Cairo.

The key objectives of the assignment were to:

• Assess the environmental regulatory compliance status of the site;
• Describe the environmental setting, surrounding land use, historical land use and related issues concerning the environmental context;
• Evaluate current and past activities and related practices at the site in order to establish known or potential sources of material soil, groundwater and/or surface water impacts; and
• Assess the performance of the site on Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) matters.

The scope of this EDDA included:

• A site visit to evaluate current conditions and identify areas of potential concern;
• A review of the history of the site through interviews and reviews of historical and environmental documentation;
• Observations of adjacent properties and the local area to evaluate the potential for adverse environmental impacts to the site.

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