Environmental, Key Health and Safety Due Diligence Assessment (EHSDDA) for a facility that produces quicklime in Alexandria

  • The aim of the EHSDDA was to assess potential liabilities associated with the Site’s Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) compliance status, as well as soil & groundwater conditions.
  • The key objectives of the assignment were to:
    • Assess the regulatory operating compliance status of the Site to identify any material non-compliance issues associated with existing regulatory requirements related to environmental protection;
    • Describe where possible, the environmental setting, surrounding land use, historical land use and related issues concerning the environmental context for the Site;
    • Evaluate current and past activities and related practices at the Site in order to establish known or potential sources of material soil, groundwater and/or surface water impacts.
    • Assess the health and safety practices implemented at the Site and evaluate any potential shortcomings or deficiencies which could have material implications on the business going forward.
  • The assessment comprised a site visit to evaluate current conditions and identify areas of potential concern, review of the site’s history through interviews with site management, and review of the provided documents and publicly available data, as well as observation of adjacent properties and local area to evaluate the potential for adverse environmental impacts to the site, and review of the relevant EHS documents.

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