ESDD for an Egyptian company specialized in Denim Garments


Environics, in association with IBIS, was commissioned to carry out an Environmental and Social Due Diligence (ESDD) for a company specialized in manufacturing high end denim bottoms for exports.

The main objective of the ESDD was to determine the needs to improve E&S performance and compliance, and evaluate the company’s performance against the national and international requirements:
• Applicable local, national and international Environmental and Social laws, regulations and standards;
• IFC Performance Standards including the applicable IFC EHS Guidelines1 (including General EHS Guideline and Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines for Textile Manufacturing).
• All ILO Conventions signed and ratified by the country, all ILO conventions covering core labour standards2 and all ILO conventions covering the basic terms and conditions of employment.

The scope of work entailed:

• Assessment of Human Resources Management, including Human Rights and Labour Standards:
– The relevant documents were reviewed, a site visit took place and interviews were conducted.
– HR Aspects were assessed, including working conditions and management of workers relationships, protecting the workforce, occupational health and safety, workers engagement by third parties, supply chain, and security personnel (EBRD requirement under PS2 aspects).
– Findings in line with IFC PS were provided, with recommendations of corrective actions and timeline.

• Social Assessment of Gender Equality
– Based on the review of various documents provided, as well as key informant interviews, focus group discussions with female labourers and workers representation committee that were conducted in the company premises.
– Relevant aspects with regards to: promoting gender equality, health and work safety, workers representation and complaint management mechanism were assessed and main findings and conclusions were provided.
– Moreover, Country Human Rights Map was developed including: UN Human Rights Instruments, Status of Ratification, and Country Reports (non-discrimination & equality, right to work for women), ILO Conventions and their ratification status and date as well as the National Legislation protecting the rights of women.

• Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) aspects, including: Licenses, permits, approvals and registers, were reviewed, and the findings were provided in the ESDD Findings Report.

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