ESIA, Site Assessment and QRA for SRPC Refinery in Ain Sokhna

  • Sokhna Refining and Petrochemicals Co. (SRPC) was planning to establish a heavy crude refinery and olefins production plant at Sokhna Industrial Park, west of Sokhna Port.  In addition to the plant site, a land backed berth and a storage area for crude materials and products were to be developed east of the site at the entrance of Sokhna Port Basin No. 3.  The berth was to be constructed to support large vessels loading crude oil and refined products.
  • Environics was commissioned to carry out an ESIA for the facility and its offsite utilities according to the requirements of EEAA and the IFC, as well as a Phase I Environmental Assessment for the proposed project site.
  • Environics undertook the required studies, whereby, Phase-I Environmental Assessment identified the potential environmental liabilities associated with the proposed site.
  • The ESIA covered all components of the plant at the phases of site preparation, construction, startup and operation.
  • As part of the ESIA, a QRA was carried out to identify the potential risks associated with the different processes, so as to draw conclusions concerning the onsite/offsite risk exposure.  The QRA focused on estimating employee and public risks, which was within the scope of the ESIA that aimed at ensuring the safety of the surrounding communities.
  • The QRA comprised:
    • Facility location and operation description.
    • Meteorological conditions in Sokhna area.
    • Hazards identification.
    • Hazard scenarios.
    • Failure frequency and frequencies assessment.
    • Consequence modeling.
    • Risk assessment, which included impact models and measurement, calculation, and presentation of risk estimates.

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