Environmental Register for Geocycle RDF Plant in Suez


Geocycle Egypt commissioned Environics to prepare an Environmental Register for its operating Refuse Derived Fuel (RDP) Plant in Suez, to cover the present activities of the facility and refer to the facility practices regarding environmental, health and safety control.

Environics scope of work encompassed:

– Reviewing all relevant information and documents for the preparation of the register and to evaluate environmental compliance of the facility with the applicable legal environmental requirements.

– Conducting a site visit to be familiar with Geocycle activities as well as to identify the associated environmental aspects and management practices.

Environics prepared the register, which was composed of two parts, in accordance with the content of Annex (3) of the executive regulations of law 4/1994:

The first part, The Environmental Register (ER), addressed the environmental status of the facility. It included: a general description of the facility, inputs and outputs, relevant laws and regulations, description of the processes and utility services, emissions and wastes emerging from the facility, and an outline of the Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan.

The second part, Hazardous Substances and Waste register, included information related to hazardous substances and wastes, management and emergency.

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