Environmental & Social Audits for KIMA 2 Project, Aswan

  • In January 2016, The Egyptian Chemical Industries Company (KIMA) initiated the construction of its rehabilitation projects in Aswan plant.  Earlier, in 2009, environmental approval was obtained from EEAA for these projects.
  • KIMA commissioned Environics to carry out environmental and social audits of these projects in 2017 and 2018 to ensure the compliance of the construction phase with:
    • Applicable Egyptian environmental and labour laws.
    • IFC Performance Standards.
    • Equator Principles.
    • Mitigation measures included in the ESIA prepared for the project in 2009, as well as the review of this study carried out by Environics in 2012.
  • The audits entailed:
    • Reviewing relevant documents.
    • Conducting site visits to investigate the relevant E&S aspects and management procedures.
    • Specification of aspects of compliance or non-compliance related to each environmental aspect (air emissions, workplace conditions, management of substances and wastes, management of solid and hazardous wastes, wastewater, permits and approvals).
    • Investigating the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) system and the workers grievance mechanism.
    • Investigating the social and community engagement activities carried out by the company in the framework of the KIMA 2 project.
    • Evaluating and assessing E&S compliance, implementation of mitigation measures and identifying gaps accordingly.
    • Prepare E&S audit reports, covering assessment, KIMA commitments, existing status, compliance gaps and Environics recommendations for achieving full compliance with environmental and social requirements.

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