ESHIA for the Seismic Acquisition Program at Abu El-Gharadig, Matrouh

  • Environics completed an ESHIA study for the Seismic acquisition program planned by Shell Egypt NV (SENV) to cover approximately 2800 km².
  • The proposed program is part of a growth plan to increase production from the current SENV exploration license in Abu El-Gharadig (North Alam El-Shawish) and Bapetco development licenses (BED-3, Sitra, BED-17, JD, JG, BED-19 & BED-20).
  • The ESHIA activities included visiting the proposed project location and conducting meetings with relevant stakeholders within the wider project area. Geological and ecological surveys were also concluded during the visit.
  • In parallel, a Form-B EIA was prepared and approved by the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency’s (EEAA).

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